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Telephone TOLL FREE 1-800-457-3443
Email us at mags@abegreenberg.com

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Here's how our service works:

             1. When you want to order a magazine you do not currently get through our service, call up and ask for the prices and terms available.  If you tell us to order, we will order the magazines, pay the publishers and send you an invoice, so you can send us a check.  Weekly magazines take about 8-10 weeks to start from the order date; monthlies take 10-14 weeks.  This is only an average.  It varies with the publisher.  Some magazines will start much more quickly.  We will send you a renewal notice before your subscription ends.

            2. If you currently receive a magazine at home you can send us your address labels (write the name of the magazine on it), and we will send you a renewal notice with the price.  You can compare our prices with the publisher's price and see how much you save through our service.  The label of your magazine shows your subscription’s exact expiration date.

            3. If you would like to order magazines for a gift, we cover the entire USA as well as any area (such as military installations) that the US post office services.  We will send gift cards at your request, free of charge.

            4. We will be glad to handle any problems you may have with your magazines, such as non-delivery; duplicate issues; change of address.  Call or write to us and we will resolve your problem.  (To correct duplication we need to have both duplicate labels from the same issue.)

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