Discount Magazine Subscription Service, Inc. PO Box 60114, Fort Myers FL 33906
Telephone: (239)-274-6868 / (800) 999-5070
Fax: (239) 225-1557


             We would like to inform you that Magazines from Abe Greenberg has merged with Discount Magazine
Subscription Service, an agency that has been operating since 1977.
The new address and contact information is above.
The service will remain essentially the same with some added features. You will now be able to order online.
A price list will be made available to you. The postage paid envelope will no longer be included and can no
longer be used.
Please make payments to Discount Magazine Subscription Service at the address above.
While the prices on the list may differ from what you have been offered in the past, they are negotiable. Call
or e-mail for pricing information.
Thank you.